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I now carry a PLB Personal Locator Beacon and helmet every time I am out in the water.  Personal Locator Beacons work through search and rescue satellites to send a distress signal to the Coastguard. I survive to tell a story and I have responsibilities to strongly advice every water sport person to wear a means of contact and inform family or friends of going out and coming in times. Also if you are an outdoor adventurer enthusiast such as, travelling to remote places, skiing, rock climbing, your life is so worth investing in a PLB or other location devices. We owe this to our families, friends and rescue services. Windsurfer missing at sea Lorenzo Cubeddu and wife Amanda interviewed after the ordeal on The Late Late Show on RTE 1, National Irish TV channel video Fitness Lorenzo diving in the Red Sea Of Course with any water sports it's so important to keep physically fit. Being on the Ocean mind, body and soul need to be


Dear Friends and family and all Rescue Services, It is 4 years ago today on the 11th 11th at 11 o'clock at night that I reached land in Co. Clare from Ballybunion after a day of windsurfing turned into a rescue operation as the wind that I needed to power the sail dropped and I had to detach the sail and find a way amongst waves, rain to lie on my board seasick and praying for the darkness to go so I could see the way home.   You all are very aware of the story as many of you were there - 4 years later we are so so gratefully that I am alive but traumas are definitely remain, it is not an ordinary life experience to go through and it does leave you with a journey to try and process it all. Me and Mandi try to do something every year with gratitude  to mark the day - but the theme for this year is honesty - to share a little of our struggles since it happened - the enormity of a story like that can get overwhelming for both me and my wife as I m only an ordinary man and I feel for t

Lorenzo interview with Hector on Éire Nua TG4

Ballybunion Beach Kerry - TV Interview on TG4 Éire Nua with Hector Ó hEochagáin Irish television presenter

HE’S A LIVING MIRACLE! Full Radio interview on NewsTalk radio of windsurfer Lorenzo Cubeddu with Bobby Kerr


Hector O Heochagain new TV program EIRE NUA TG4

JUST TO SPREAD THE WORD Hector O Heochagain has a new TV program EIRE NUA on TG4 about foreign people and how much they love to live in Ireland. It's interviewing me Lorenzo and others next Thursday the 14th October at 9:30 pm on TG4 ( probably because of my windsurfing lost at sea ordeal ). I am very happy to do it to HIGHLIGHT THE BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY I LIVE IN KERRY.

Paddle boarders rescued in Galway

Myself and my wife were thrown back in time tonight as we read of the miraculous rescue and survival of the two girls of the west coast of Ireland. We stand in total celebration and joy for these families tonight and for the amazing fact that their boards drifted towards a lobster marker pot in the middle of the night, I know that feeling and that darkness well as a fellow survivor. This is nothing short of a miracle! And I know this because I had my miracle too out there in the ocean...  So overjoyed for the girls that they thought about what to do and kept their boards together, and obviously didn't give up hope. And again the thought of the rescue out there looking and the community and fishermen... The best of humanity comes out to help in these horrific circumstances... I could see my wife's face as she watched the RTE News, she was totally reminded of that hard night standing in the dark looking out into the blackness, praying, hoping and in turmoil. She had no family wit

RNLI Lifeboats Feature list Lorenzo's story

" If you want to learn to to pray, go to sea" Interview with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) United Kingdom released on  RNLI Lifeboats  website Tuesday 7 April 2020. Lorenzo’s story: ‘If you want to learn to pray, go to sea’ Tuesday 7 April 2020 Stranded in the water off the Ballybunion coast, Lorenzo Cubeddu faced the most difficult 6 hours of his life. Here is the incredible story of his survival. Lorenzo Cubeddu moved to Ireland from Sardinia in 1998. A keen watersport enthusiast, he has taken courses from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), as well as learning to be a windsurfing and sailing instructor. He even trained to be an RNLI lifeguard and sailed on an ocean passage.  Lorenzo windsurfs regularly off the west coast of Ireland. He had never had any trouble until one fateful day in November 2018.  Hear Lorenzo’s story, in his own words: 'Completely stranded&#

Press Release

I am doing press releases with my website lately in order to keep promoting safety at sea and rescue services, because I came out ALIVE from the ocean and I must use this experience to try in any way to help others. Link to Press Release on Open PR Link to Press Release on IssueWire Press Release - Windsurf Survival Lorenzo Cubeddu launches new website to help promoting safety at sea using my story of been missing at sea at night windsurfing.  A major search rescue by air and water was launched but they could not find me. Eventually I was push towards the cliffs on the coast of Clare, where I climbed a cliff to end up in the middle of nowhere and walked until I found help. It is a story to emphasise the importance of never giving up no matter what you are facing in life, there is always hope and to dig deep. has today announced the launch of his new website which is  aimed at promoting safety at sea. 

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