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Lorenzo Cubeddu is RNLI member


Paddle boarders rescued in Galway

Myself and my wife were thrown back in time tonight as we read of the miraculous rescue and survival of the two girls of the west coast of Ireland. We stand in total celebration and joy for these families tonight and for the amazing fact that their boards drifted towards a lobster marker pot in the middle of the night, I know that feeling and that darkness well as a fellow survivor. This is nothing short of a miracle! And I know this because I had my miracle too out there in the ocean...  So overjoyed for the girls that they thought about what to do and kept their boards together, and obviously didn't give up hope. And again the thought of the rescue out there looking and the community and fishermen... The best of humanity comes out to help in these horrific circumstances... I could see my wife's face as she watched the RTE News, she was totally reminded of that hard night standing in the dark looking out into the blackness, praying, hoping and in turmoil. She had no family wit

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