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Lorenzo Cubeddu is RNLI member


Water Sport Safety

I now carry a PLB Personal Locator Beacon and helmet every time I am out in the water.  Personal Locator Beacons work through search and rescue satellites to send a distress signal to the Coastguard. I survive to tell a story and I have responsibilities to strongly advice every water sport person to wear a means of contact and inform family or friends of going out and coming in times. Also if you are an outdoor adventurer enthusiast such as, travelling to remote places, skiing, rock climbing, your life is so worth investing in a PLB or other location devices. We owe this to our families, friends and rescue services. Windsurfer missing at sea Lorenzo Cubeddu and wife Amanda interviewed after the ordeal on The Late Late Show on RTE 1, National Irish TV channel video Fitness Lorenzo diving in the Red Sea Of Course with any water sports it's so important to keep physically fit. Being on the Ocean mind, body and soul need to be

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