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Lorenzo Cubeddu is RNLI member


Press Release

I am doing press releases with my website lately in order to keep promoting safety at sea and rescue services, because I came out ALIVE from the ocean and I must use this experience to try in any way to help others. Link to Press Release on Open PR Link to Press Release on IssueWire Press Release - Windsurf Survival Lorenzo Cubeddu launches new website to help promoting safety at sea using my story of been missing at sea at night windsurfing.  A major search rescue by air and water was launched but they could not find me. Eventually I was push towards the cliffs on the coast of Clare, where I climbed a cliff to end up in the middle of nowhere and walked until I found help. It is a story to emphasise the importance of never giving up no matter what you are facing in life, there is always hope and to dig deep. has today announced the launch of his new website which is  aimed at promoting safety at sea. 

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